Hello, my name is Zuzinka.

I am a Czech student and I set up this website (along with some other stuff) in order to support financially my studies. And yes, admittedely, also to have some fun :-)

I originally had the idea from a friend of mine, who goes under the improbable name of “Barbie” (she asked whether such name would violate any trademark… I hope not) .

She is an amazing squirter, meaning that she is able to cum even 8-10 times in a row, and squirt every single time… the┬ávideos in the┬áPrivate Area prove it all!

What I do here? Basically I organize parties, usually in Prague, and more or less every weekend.

During such parties, I will tape what happens, and then post it here for you to see.

The parties are fun (Believe me). Barbie is there, and some other girls often join in. I rigorously ONLY invite girls that can squirt… after all, squirting is the Big Theme of my parties.

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